Masterclass (English) - 85 min.

The Power of the Invitation

In this videomasterclass I interview Maor Netsah (Israel, 1991). He is 3/5 splenic projector who’s in Human Design since many years. He shares with us his struggles, how Human Design changed his life and which things really made the biggest change. 

This is an edited version of an interactive masterclass with other projectors, me and Maor. It’s a mix of sharing, questions, context and tips for projectors. 

Masterclass in 6 parts


  • Part 1- 20 min.
  1. The discovery of being a projector.
  2. The first invitations and how they worked out.
  3. How Maor’s life changed through Human Design.
  4. What’s a correct invitation?


  • Part 2 – 16 min.
  1. What if invitations stop coming?
  2. The power of the projectors’ aura.
  3. Talking about Human Design and interacting with others.
  4. Changing your vibration.


  • Part 3 – 15 min.
  1. Incorporating your energy levels as a projector.
  2. Learning to rest.
  3. Knowing when enough is enough.
  4. The power of conditioning.


  • Part 4 – 8 min.
  1. You have to experiment to see if it works.
  2. The blessing and the curse of being a projector.
  3. The mystery of life that works for you.
  4. Missing invitations.


  • Part 5 – 14 min.
  1. The first thing that made the biggest change.
  2. The not-self projectors’ focus.
  3. Projectors and business.
  4. The feedback of Life.


  • Part 6 – 13 min.
  1. Being invited into your business.
  2. Being in the right place in the right time.
  3. Resistance as a sign.
  4. More money for the house.

This masterclass is for you if....

  • you are a projector who is struggling or is looking for meaning and answers. 
  • you are living with a projector and want to understand more about projectors. 
  • you are interested in a mix of personal stories and tips. 
  • you are curious to learn how you can find your alignment as a projector. 
  • you want to integrate Human Design into your life rather than just read about it 

This masterclass is not for you if...

  • you would rather have a personal reading or coaching.
  • you are pitying yourself because you think being a projector is hard. 
  • you are not interested in a personal story because you think that will not help you. 
  • you are hoping just looking at the interview will change your life. 
  • you are doubting Human Design and its effect. 


  • WHAT: 6 video's - English subtitles
  • CONTENT: Video masterclass in English
  • DURATION: 86 min.